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Sharon Kleyne -  researcher, lecturer, author,  entrepreneur

Sharon Kleyne, Founder and Research Director of Bio-Logic Aqua Research Water Life Science is celebrating more than twelve years as host of her nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Water Life Science/Nature's Pharma & Your Health on VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio sponsored by Nature's Tears EyeMist and Nature's Mist Face of the Water. Kleyne's talk radio program acts as a living lab and opens the door to secrets of Water Life Science/Nature's Pharma on which all life depends.

Kleyne is also launching her Health Olympics with able assists from internationally renowned guests such as Dr. Yuan Feng of China and Tony Phillips in Australia, among many others. Kleyne's global guests demonstrate the importance of healthy hydration, enhanced nutrition, the urgency of exercise, proper breathing and healthy habits allowing one to sleep with Earth. Health Olympics listeners of all ages experience and participate in a cutting edge research laboratory specializing in Nature's Pharma health education and new technology discoveries.

Listeners can debate with experts in real time via social media and offer their own research and technology.

Power of Water Water Life Science/Nature's Pharma taps into ancient wisdom and research, the primal knowledge helped societies in China, Africa, India and everywhere find cures for disease and sickness. Since the sponge that is our human body's water vapor from birth is always evaporating, since Earth's living water atmosphere is evaporating, our goal must be to find new Power of Water Nature's Pharma technologies and education to supplement and replenish that water loss This is just a beginning, but it's an essential launch on the Power of Water waterslide leading to Kleyne's Health Olympics and Nature's Pharma for better proactive health.

Kleyne's Water Life Science research discoveries in dry eye and its relief, and in evaporation of body water vapor and the Earth's atmosphere is inspiring a revolution in Nature's Pharma whole health research. One of Kleyne's favorite Health Olympics examples of new research and discovery involves the efforts of Dr. Gerald Pollack, who discovered a fourth type of water in the body. Dame Dr. Effie Chow provides another Health Olympics key example of a Nature's Pharma discovery with her breakthrough Qigong practice that teaches proper breathing.

New Power of Water discoveries define Nature's Pharma and Kleyne's Health Olympics as the healthy, proactive lifestyle for people of all ages all over the world.

"Water Life Science /Nature's Pharma is a state of mind," Kleyne says, "and the Power of Water is the living Earth fluid that feeds and sustains a loving, healthy relationship between humanity and Earth. Be proactive about your health and join the Health Olympics!"

I invite you to listen to the SHARON KLEYNE HOUR each week (live or in archive), as my guests and I explore the many aspects of this life-or-death crisis that impacts everyone.

Sponsored by Bio Logic Aqua Research and Nature's Tears® EyeMist®.
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